Related work and progress pics

Latest work in progress....taking ages!

"Diable Du Fue!" in progress.

Latest work (as of 26th March 2013) "The Heavy Revolution" in progress.

Euros, Immortal Horse in progress

Two elephants in progress...this pic gives you a hint of the mess I work in!

"The Beige Baron" VW Karmann Ghia drawing in progress. Why aren't there more cars with wings? It's an outrage!

This was my original oil painting entitled "Nothing to Fear" which became the basis for "The Clown and the Butterwasp..." drawing.

Iz The Wiz, this was my original oil that became the basis for the drawing "Iz the Wiz Did the Biz..." He was a legendary New York graffiti artist who unfortunately died recently. He was quite a character...

Here's a selection of my graffiti work over the years. Where the words spell "TMLStars" - I didn't do it - that was a coleague, but the faces, flowers, brains, butterflies, monsters and other wordy bits...that was me. I carried the flower design over into the VW drawings in my VW art bit on this site, that's the justification for the inclusion of this montage...I know it's a bit tenuous but it's pretty...

Freehand spraypaint on a recording studio wall in london, about 8' tall. Well it's totally unrelated to anything else on this site...but I like it.


This gallery contains anything relevant to the main pencil galleries, work in progress pics, sketches, studio photos – anything related and hopefully interesting, if only moderately so!