Animals, beasts and people.

“The Nemean Lion”

"Euros, Immortal Horse"

Detail from "Euros, Immortal Horse"

“Balius and Xanthus”

"Aerion, Immortal Horse".

Detail from "Aerion, Immortal Horse".


Detail from "Pegasus".

"The clown and the butterwasp went to see…"

Detail from "The Clown..."

"My Friend and the Sun"

Detail from "My Friend and the Sun"

"Jumbo Harmony"

"The Resplendent Giant Peacock at Rest"

"The Resplendent Giant Peacock"

“The King of Rome” A very famous racing pigeon from Derby, northern England. A great song by Dave Sudbury and a true story too.

"The Astropod"

"IZ the WIZ, Did the Biz, That Was It and There It IZ!"

"The Kids are Alright!"

"All Aboard All Aboard...!"

“The Nightlife of Old London Town”. Apparently you’re never more than 20 feet away from a rat in London…apparently.

“1977” That’s me in the foreground!

"Whatever Became of the Original Captain Badweather?"

"Be Seeing You"


This collection of drawings is all about me sitting down with a blank sheet of paper and letting my imagination run riot. Inspiration can come from anywhere – the animal world, greek mythology, friends, music, anything.